Firstly let me say thankyou for taking the time to visit my Independent Senate Candidate website,
 I hope you find lots of informative and useful information here and you learn more about myself but most importantly, why I am trying to enter the Demanding World of Politics and what I hope to bring into the Political Arena if I am Elected to Represent the Great people of South Australia.
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Christopher Mark Cochrane
Why I am Running and what I intend to do Once Elected to the Senate.
With support from my Family and a small group of Supporters I decided to run as an Independent Candidate in the 2010 Federal Election for the Senate for one of the 6 seats that were available for that election, the main reasons why I entered Politics back then and will continue to run in Future Elections has not changed.

"To give a true voice for the people by the people in a place that has lacked such a voice for way to long".
My main goal is to give the great people of South Australia their voice back in important decisions that do effect their “Australian Way of Life” and “the Fair Go for All Approach” that Australia was once seen to be the leader in.
Recent Government directions from both The Australian Labor Party and the Coalition (Liberal-National Party’s) have sadly seen Australia but more importantly South Australia going backwards not forwards.
 The current Political Direction that has been demonstrated in the last few years has seen more of “the Fair Go for All Approach” turning into an often Secretly done "Deals for the Few Approach" (including overseas Global Corporations), who often make up the largest slice of Campaign Donators to the Political Parties.
The current Direction in Policy and Governance that those in power behind the scenes have currently undertaken have resulted in more and more of our community member’s beginning to feel the stress and hardship that we often  see in Mainstream Media reports and online Social Forums such as Facebook and Twitter.
 We recently have seen more and more members of the Community come forward and say collectively Enough is Enough, the vocal members of the community have realized that their voices and views can be heard and shared and together if Elected to represent the people I will be only to happy to give such people and their issues-concerns the voice they deserve in what should be the Peoples Parliament.
"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing".
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt  the 26th President of the United States
A very Important fact that not many people are aware of is this gem that under which Australia has signed up to:
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The "will of the people" shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.
Article 21(3)
Nowhere does it say THE WILL OF A POLITICAL PARTY OR IT'S EXECUTIVE'S INCLUDING THOSE PULLING THE STRINGS FROM BEHIND CLOSED DOORS OR THEIR FINANCIAL BACKERS.....DOES IT? But on a day to day basis we are seeing more and more of the Australian Way of Life slip away with more Red and Green Tape being introduced in to our lives by those who are Elected to serve we the people.
Together lets remind those that want to represent South Australia and have a seat in the Federal  Parliament, a place that is meant to be and always should be a place where decisions are made for the best interest of the country as a whole for the people and communities that make up Australia and South Australia.
South Australia is my home it's where I was born and also both my Children (Future Generation Taxpayers) where born,
South Australia is the place I want to represent in what I see as a job to represent those that mater the people that call South Australia home also.
I plan on bringing the peoples voice back where it belongs and should be heard as after all every member who is lucky to be Elected in either the House of Representatives (the Lower house) or The Senate (the Upper House) works for the people not the Corporations and Lobby groups who help put them their to do their will not the will of the people the ones that mater,
I will always be and have always been an Independent Candidate as I believe that the people's voice is missing in a place where our voice should be heard as after all true Democracy is having your voice heard,
So if Elected I will be a true voice for the people who mater,  the ones often forgotten the people who call South Australia home, while maintaining and fighting for our beloved State to be once again seen as a Community Focused State with Policies and Direction that once again have the Approach and Guidelines that allow us to be the state that embraces “the Fair Go Approach for ALL not the Selected Few" with your help and support we can make this happen together by giving we the people a true voice that will once again ask the questions that mater and are important like the ones you will find in my Idea’s and beliefs that follow.
 Please feel free to look at my Policies and views on IMPORTANT ISSUES that not Only Effect Australia but more IMPORTANTLY effect SOUTH AUSTRALIA, to see what my team intend on offering in regard to being YOUR VOICE if Elected to Represent YOU in the Senate the House of Revue (House of Checks and Balances).

Make 2016 the YEAR the PEOPLE GOT THEIR VOICE BACK.........
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