2016 Federal Election
              Policies & Platforms

Below is a list of Policies and Platforms that I Support as well as those that I want to Change and why I want to change them.

Being an Independent candidate means I have the Choices to either support or amend Policies that come before the Senate,  if I am Elected it also gives me the chance to put forward my own Private member Bills.

I plan on being a Strong Independent Voice for the WHOLE state of SOUTH AUSTRALIA, and raise the issues that are important to us such as the Following:

Rising Cost of Living:

We as a Society deserve basic rights such as 
Rising Cost of Living Platforms and Policies including but not limited to the costs in regard to the following everyday household budget necessities listed below:

  • Food Security:

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  • Supermarket Accountability:

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  • National Education Reform:

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  • Healthcare:
Health is one of the biggest spending areas of the Federal Government, accounting for $71.4billion in the 2016-17 budget. 

Sadly how that money is spent is one of the most hotly contested political areas, with the government of the day facing critical challenges such as the increased  needs in the aged care health sector of our elderly, budget sustainability and competing demands from consumers and health providers.

Specific Platforms and Policies in regard to Health Care are available via the links below:

  • Mental Health: so much needs to be done to address this silently Growing issue that effects a large percentage of our communities directly or indirectly.

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A Reduction in National Suicide Rates

While suicide is an issue broader than mental health alone, suicide prevention remains a critically important issue for the Commission[1] Governments and the community to work together on.

Any Policy that is put in place to address this issue must be raised via COAG[2] and all Stakeholders need to be able to contribute to such a plan in order for it to work with in the community’s that need to address this rising community crisis that affects us all either directly or indirectly through the loss of life cause from this issue.

A National MENTAL HEALTH CARE PLAN must be agreed upon as soon as possible with a focus on a reduction in the national suicide rate by 10% by 2020 and 50% by 2026.

 These targets can be compared to 2014 levels where there were 2,864 deaths due to suicide in 2014.

 This equates to an average of 7.8 deaths by suicide in Australia each day. In addition, around 60,000 people attempt suicide each year.

A fact we must remember is that more people die by suicide than on our roads.

  • Medicare:

I support the GP's stance in regard to the freeze on Medicare indexation on the rebates to doctors until mid 2020 announced in the May 3rd Budget by the Turnbull Coalition.

Malcolm’s Turnbull’s six year freeze on Medicare rebates will cost patients twice as much as Tony Abbott’s original GP Tax, new research has confirmed.

Malcolm Turnbull’s first Budget ripped another $925 million out of Medicare by extending the freeze out to 2020.

The GP Tax by stealth will now run for at least six years, ripping over $2 billion out of the system.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has warned the extension of the GP Tax out to 2020 will mean “quality of patient care will be compromised” while the AMA has warned the cuts will be yet another hit to household budgets and a barrier to people accessing health care when they need it.

“The poorest, the sickest and the most vulnerable will be the hardest hit.”
            AMA President Brian Owler, 3 May 2016 

"The continuation of the Medicare freeze is going to send more rural and remote patients to the healthcare equivalent of deepest, darkest Siberia"
RDAA President, Dr Ewen McPhee, 3 May 2016

It confirms, as Health Minister Sussan Ley has made clear, the Government is committed to forcing down bulk billing by making more patients pay to see a doctor.

“there are a lot of people who attend a doctor, who pay nothing who can afford to pay a bit more and that's where we have to land in this discussion with the medical profession.”
Sussan Ley, 3AW, 3 March 2015

The rebate's been frozen since Labor initiated the first freeze in 2012.

That means, while GP's costs like rents and wages continue to rise the amount the government pays them per consultation has stayed the same meaning either covering the shortfall .

A senior research analyst at the Family Medicine Research Centre at Sydney University, Christopher Harrison, has examined the effect of the freeze.

CHRISTOPHER HARRISON recently said in an interview recently with ABC's PM Show: "What we found was that GPs would take a big hit to their income over the years because theoretically GPs, by 2019-’20, won't have had a pay rise, if they're a bulk billing GP, for nearly eight years".

So for an average full time GP who's working 40 hours a week, the freeze will mean an income loss of approximately $50,400 in 2019-‘20 compared to 2014-‘15 if we assume a CPI of 2.5 per cent.

Some negative effects that the freeze will cause are: 

 Passing on of lost fee's due to the freeze to Patients who a lot of them are self-funded pensioners, they don't even have a pension card so when they're thinking about okay, it's going to be costly to go see a doctor, that will just stick in their minds.; ‘So okay I won't go and see a doctor unless I have to.’ resulting in putting their health at risk or even worst a fatality.

Click Here for more info on Medicare Freeze Platform:

  • Strokes and Other Brain Related Injuries:

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Click Here for more on Brain Related Injuries:

  • PBS Funding Fairness:

One example where PBS Funding Fairness needs to be addressed is in regard to Cystic Fibrosis and a proven drug that is making a difference called Orkambi that is quite expensive to those that could benefit from such a drug.

Over 1000 Cystic Fibrosis suffers would benefit from a drug called Orkambi but the huge personal cost of this proven drug is out of reach for most of the people that could live a better improved quality of life and normalizes some lung functions.

The incoming 45Th Federal Government and the Pharmaceutical Company Vertex who produce Orkambi need to come up with an agreement for approval of Orkambi to be added to PBS in Australia. Cystic Fibrosis is the most common chronic illness in Australian children so it is only fair to address and come up with a better solution to help them and their families in regard to obtaining this result proving drug.

Click Here to Learn More about Cystic Fibrosis Platform:

  • Private Health Care:

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  • Rural Health Care:

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  • Employment for Nurses and Midwifes Reform:

Back in 2013 I wrote my Policy Reform for this very important issue and even after 3 years changes still need to be made as this often demanding Career choice is overlooked and we must take care of those that take care of us so they can keep doing their important duties that the health care sector needs and depends on daily.

  • Energy:

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  •  Bank fee's and other related Issues:

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  •  Petrol-Fuel Prices:

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  • Fuel Security:

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  • Ex Politicians Entitlements:

After their Public Lives have ended many Retiring Politian's and Government Advisors have engaged in questionable activities that could be seen as a possible conflict of interest.

While remaining still on the Gravy Train of Entitlements granted to them under old outdated agreements some ex Politicians have been involved in deals resulting in the selling off Australia assets for profit to Local and International vested interests (legally under the current system) this has often happened while they also get paid their Generous Pensions  and entitlements including free travel and serviced offices for life (in regard to ex Prime Ministers) this is not fair or morally right and needs to stop or more efficient effective rules to stop this behavior needs to be put in place.

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  • Affordable Housing  Solutions: 

More user friendly initiatives  to address the rising shortages for those that need a "Hand up not a Hand out" in our Communities in regard to gaining a roof over their heads.

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Update National Housing Plan to address the rising growth in Homelessness is one solution to address this concerning issue:

  • Welfare Reform that is Fair:

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  • National Drug Reforms:

                Suggested Platforms that are Important to my supporters:

                Below is a list of platforms that the COCHRANE4SENATE
                campaign are based around,

                Christopher Mark Cochrane Believes that Australia and more importantly South Australia as a whole has a lot that it can offer to those that call Our Great State and Nation home but we need Changes for us to get back on track like the Following Platforms and Policies:

                • National Government Accountability:

                The people of South Australia and Australia as a whole expect those lucky enough to be elected as Politicians (Public Servants) to act in our best interests as after all that is their job and should be their main focus point when making decisions that impact the Electorate and Communities that they represent.

                Firstly those working in public service jobs including elected representatives must be open and up front with the Australian people.

                Government's primary role is to provide and implement policies in regard to public infrastructure and services such as Health Care, Education, Job Creation, Law and Order amongst other important portfolio related growth areas that help enrich our communities  and to drive both national economic growth and personal growth. The public have the right to expect that governments will deliver services efficiently and fairly without unnecessary waste and duplication.

                Australians who show the courage in regard to speaking out against corrupt practices deserve to be protected from possible backlash and actions that maybe put in place to intimidate them from coming forward.

                Platforms in regard of what needs to be done to address these issues include:

                •The establish of a National Anti-Corruption Commission to work with-in our current COAG system to implement a more workable system to address the growing issues of late.

                •Ensure politician entitlements and claims are reported in a timely and transparent way and possible actions be taken in regard to those who misuse the system indirectly by mistake or directly on purpose.

                •Put in place whistleblower legislation that protects the informant and compensates them for any loss of income due to their actions

                •Through COAG a system needs to be put in place in regard to Government services (federal, state, local) in order for services to be delivered quickly and efficiently and be fully accountable to the public to stamp out possible waste that may occur.

                •Through COAG a Review needs to be done in regard to putting an end to the duplication of services at a federal, state and local government level and determine the most appropriate way to implement a national entity to be put in place to deliver these services to make funding and addressing possible wastage related issues that arise so money budgeted can be better spent where it needs to be so important services can be funded not cut as we have seen in recent times.

                Click Here for more on Government Transparency:

                • National Child Protection Reform:

                Click Here for more on Child Protection Reform:

                • National Animal Welfare Reform:

                Animal welfare in Australia falls short both in best practice and in meeting community expectations for the protection of animals as the recent Live Export incidents have shown.

                This is largely due to a lack of robust and balanced national frameworks to provide leadership, coordination and a sustained funding source dedicated to achieving better animal welfare outcomes that address the underlining problems.

                These gaps have impacts on business and compromise our standing on the international stage.

                Click Here for more on National Animal Welfare:

                • National Aged Care Reform:

                Click Here for more on Aged Care Reform:

                • National I.C.A.C (Independent Commissioner Against Corruption) to be implemented A.S.A.P:

                Click Here for more on National I.C.A.C:

                • National Whistle Blower Protection Reform:

                Australians who show the courage in regard to speaking out against corrupt practices deserve to be protected from possible backlash and actions that maybe put in place to intimidate them from coming forward.

                A National Whistle Blower Protection act needs to be put in place  that covers current state whistleblower legislations with a uniformed National approach that maintains a system that protects the informant and compensates them for any loss of income due to their actions  that they may endure in coming forward in  the exposing of possible corruption and other illegal or immoral activity.

                Click Here for more on National Whistle Blower Protection:

                • Truth and Transparency in Media:

                Click Here for more on Truth & Transparency in Media:

                • National Foreign Ownership Registry:

                Click Here for more on National Foreign Ownership:

                • Truth in Labeling:

                We all deserve to know what we are consuming as well as what we are drinking and in so a TOTAL NATIONAL REFORM is required in Labeling in Our Foods, Water-Beverages as well as Medical Supplies including possible health effects as well as side effects to .

                Click Here for more on Truth in Labeling:

                Other important issues that need to be addressed are as follows:

                • National Gambling Reforms:
                • Royal Commission in regards to Banks and other financial institutes: 
                • Introducing KERRIE'S Law: My platform is dedicated to those who were tragically lost to foul play like Kerrie Pang (Who I have dedicated this platform to),  who was murdered back in 1994 on Valentines Day. Sadly others who were also victims of this serious crime were her 5 children who were left without a mother due to the callous act that happened 22 years ago. More needs to be done to make sure victims and their family members do not suffer anymore grief or emotional pain through the actions of those involved in the serious crime committed as ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Recently it had come to my attention that someone who was involved in the murder has been granted a Charity license to make money so to speak from operating a charity that addresses the same issues that he was involved in  so i have created and am introducing Kerrie's Law to make such activities against the law as no one should hold a position of trust such as a Directorship of a Charity where they can make profit from what seems as a slap in the face to those who have lost loved ones to serious crimes.   KERRIE'S Law can be  read here

                I will give my support to any Policy that will benefit South Australia including introducing New Innovating Policies that will address and cut back the huge amount of Red and Green Tape that is slowing consuming  and destroying the "Australian Way of Life" & "Fair Go Approach" that we as a Nation once held high as a Pillar of the TRUE AUSTRALIAN WAY OF LIFE.

                DISCLAIMER: All figures and facts quoted on this site are taken from either government information sites and/or media publications including Stakeholder media releases that are released to the Public, the writer does not accept responsibility for any facts of figures provided by out side sources that may have been wrongly provided or misleading in facts but will put up evidenced proof information to correct or add to current information already up.

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