Platforms And Policies 2013

Below is a list of Policies that I Support as well as those that I want to Change and why I want to change them.

Being an Independent candidate means I have the Choices to either support or amend Policies that come before the Senate,  if I am Elected it also gives me the chance to put forward my own Private member Bills.

I plan on being a Strong Independent Voice for the WHOLE state of South Australia, and raise the issues that are important to us like but not limited too the Following:

  • Rising Cost of Livingeg, food costs, education costs, healthcare, Energy, bank fee's as well as Petrol-Fuel Prices.

  • The Huge amount of Red and Green Tape that is slowing consuming the "Australian Way of Life" & "Fair Go Approach".

  • Ex Politicians still on the Gravy Train selling off Australia  for profit while they get paid their Generous Pensions for life.

  • Mental Health so much needs to be done to address this silently Growing issue that effects a large percentage of our communities.

  • Affordable Housing  Solutions to address the rising shortages for those that need a Hand up not a hand out in our Communities.

Suggested Platforms that are Important to my supporters:

Below is a list of platforms that the COCHRANE4SENATE campaign
are based around, Christopher mark CochraneBelieves that South Australia and Australia as a whole has a lot that it can offer to those that call Our Great State and Nation home but we need Changes for us to get back on track like the Following Platforms and Policies;

National Government Transparency:

National Child Protection Reform:

National Aged Care Reform:

National I.C.A.C (Independent Commissioner Against Corruption):

National Whistle Blower Protection Reform:

National Foreign Ownership Registry:

Truth in Labeling:
We all deserve to know what we are consuming as well as what we are drinkingand in so a TOTAL NATIONAL REFORM is required in Labeling in Our Foods, Water-Beverages as well as Medical Supplies.

National Small business Reform:

Up to 44  businesses a day go bust in Australia. It is a sobering figure for liquidators as they face another difficult financial year. High profile casualties like Trims make the news but increasingly administrators say its low profile small and medium enterprises going under resulting in lost jobs and a blow to the Nations Economy.

National Health Care Reform:

Health is one of the biggest spending areas of the Federal Government, accounting for $64.6 billion or 16 per cent of the 2013 budget. How that money is spent is one of the most hotly contested political areas, with the government of the day facing critical challenges such as the ageing population, budget sustainability and competing demands from consumers and health providers.

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