Government Departments

Below you will see listed under the Government Department that is in charge of the Portfolio that each Minister Elected will be in charge of:

Currently listed are the current department names but as often is the case if a New Government is Elected sometimes the Departments names Change as well the list below is the Currentas of the5thof August 2013:

Attorney-General's Department (AG)

National Small business Reform:

Signs of the times, why a record number of companies are going bust.
Up to thirty businesses a day go bust in Australia. It is a sobering figure for liquidators as they face another difficult financial year. High profile casualties like Lisa Ho make the news but increasingly administrators say its low profile small and medium enterprises going under.

National Health Care Reform:

Health is one of the biggest spending areas of the Federal Government, accounting for $64.6 billion or 16 per cent of the 2013 budget. How that money is spent is one of the most hotly contested political areas, with the government of the day facing critical challenges such as the ageing population, budget sustainability and competing demands from consumers and health providers.

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